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Learn to understand your data.

About this Course

Gain a 360° overview of how to explore and use Power BI to build impactful reports. Discover how to navigate this intuitive tool and get to grips with Power BI’s Data, Model, and Report views. You’ll learn how to drill-down into reports and make your reports fully interactive. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll learn how to change and format a wide range of visualizations, before moving on to sorting data and creating hierarchies.


What You Will Learn

Module 1

Introduction to Power BI

  • Introduction
  • Power BI Desktop
  • Downloading Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Desktop settings
  • Tour – Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Resources
  • Basic Quiz

Module 2

Connecting and Modeling Data with Power BI

  • Introduction
  • Type of Data Connectors
  • What is Power Query: Introduction to Data Mash-Up Engine of Power BI
  • Different versions of Power Query
  • Power Query Introduction
  • Query Editor
  • Transformation GUI
  • Get Started with Power Query: Movies Data Mash-Up
  • Power BI Get Data from Excel: Everything You Need to Know
  • What is the Role of Power Query in a Power BI Solution

Module 3

Data Modeling and DAX

  • Power BI xVelocity engine basics and concepts
  • Relationships in Power BI
  • Hierarchies and Formatting
  • Sorting by other columns
  • Date Table
  • Introduction to DAX
  • Calculated Columns, Measures, and Calculated Tables

Module 4

Data Visualization

  • Power BI Desktop Visualization
  • Formatting Visuals in Power BI Desktop
  • Basic Charts and Visuals in Power BI
  • Sorting, Filtering, and categorization
  • Custom Visuals in Power BI Desktop
  • Maps and Geo-Spatial Visualization

Module 5

Visualization Basics

  • Importance of Visualization
  • Basic Charts; Bar and Column Charts
  • Clustered vs. Stacked Charts
  • Q&A for Reports
  • Quick Measures in Power BI
  • Drill Down and Up using visuals and hierarchies
  • Pages

Module 6

Slicing and Dicing

  • Filters
  • Scopes of Filters: Visual Level, Page Level, Report Level
  • Modes of Filtering: Basic, Advanced, Relative, Top N
  • Drill through Page Filter: Creating master-details page scenario in Power BI
  • Slicers
  • Types of Slicers; Date, Text, Number
  • Slicer Formatting
  • Syncing Slicer between Pages

Module 7

Advanced Visualiztion in Power BI

  • Report Page Tooltip
  • Controlling the interaction of Visuals in a page
  • Designing Power BI reports for Mobile
  • Grouping and Binning
  • Bookmark; saving the state of a page
  • Buttons; action items
  • Selection pane; visibility control in Power BI
  • Golden triangle; Bookmark, button, and selection pane
  • Colour theme or pallets in Power BI

Module 8

Best Practice Scenarios of Using Visuals

  • Line Chart; Trend Analysis
  • Combo Charts; Different Scales in one graph
  • Ribbon Chart; Ranking
  • Waterfall Chart; Cashflow
  • Scatter Chart; Storytelling with the data
  • Grouping charts: Pie, Donut chart, and Treemap charts
  • KPI visual
  • Gauge
  • Card Visual
  • Table and Matrix; showing the numbers with conditional formatting

Module 9

Geo Location Visualization: Map Visuals

  • Map Visual; Using Bing to find spots
  • Fine Tuning Address Details
  • Map Visual; Using Latitude and Longitude
  • Filled Map; Regions and Polygons
  • Data Category importance for the filled map
  • Shape Map; Having custom map visual
  • ArcGIS Map; Map visual which can do everything

Module 10

Custom Visuals

  • Adding and using a custom visual
  • Infographic Designer
  • Tachometer Gauge
  • Map custom visuals
  • Certified custom visuals
  • Hierarchy Slicer
  • Play Axis
  • R Custom Visuals

Module 11

Power BI Service

  • Basic Sharing and using workspaces in Power BI web site
  • Dashboard vs. Report
  • Power Q&A
  • Mobile Dashboard Design
  • Row Level Security
  • Schedule Refresh vs. Other types of connections
  • Gateway’s Role in the Service

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